We deep dive into the wallet of women, freelancers and artists

to help them build wealth stress-free.




Book a call to get immediate support & clarity on your Finances.

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Corporate Workshops

Partner with Corporates & Women organizations to provide financial literacy sessions tailored to your audience.

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The Wallet -HOTLINE

Want clarity on your finances and a roadmap to build wealth?

Book a call to get immediate support on your Finances.

We’ll audit your wallet together and you’ll leave with actionnable steps.

Get Ready

To Become the CFO of your life

Ready to take charge of your financial future?

But you don’t know where to start.

What to expect ?

Want clarity on your finances and a roadmap to build wealth?

1/ Book a call

2/ Fill out a form - It’ll take you 2 minutes !

3/We dive right into your wallet together during 45 minutes. A 360 diagnostic !

4/ You leave with actionnable steps to pimp your wallet

- You’ve never made an audit of your finance and are not sure where to start

- You’re an expat or new to the USA or an expat

- You feel like you can do better but struggle to identify your blind spots

-You simply feel overwhelmed by all the financial jargon

When to call ?

Words from beautiful souls I’ve helped

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Life-Changing Financial Guidance!

I can't express how transformative my experience with the hotline coaching has been. Charlotte is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive. I left with clear actionable steps and clarity on my goals.”

- Inès, Tech employee

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I had no idea where to start. Charlotte gave me the tools I needed to get instant clarity. I've seen significant improvements in my budgeting and savings habits, and my confidence in managing money has soared. This hotline is a game-changer!

- Marie, freelancer

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I’ve seen financial advisors before but nothing like this. I can't thank Charlotte enough for the incredible support in reshaping my beliefs and money habits. She’s been a true support and educator.

- Flavia, Tech employee

About Me

Bonjour, I’m Charlotte.

After 14 years years in finance, I got tired of “boys club” so I created my own.

I’m an engineer, investor and financial coach. I’ve lived in France, USA, Congo and Cameroun. Expatriation poses specific challenges that I’ve learnt along the way.

I started ITW when I realized that many of my girlfriends working in Finance themselves were not building wealth as I was.

My mission to help women, freelancers and artists build wealth in their own terms.



Important note : Although I’m a finance professional, my mission here is to provide education and coaching only. I’m not a registered investment advisor and do not take assets under management.


Truth #1:

Knowledge is not enough, you need the right habits + the right mindset to build wealth stress-free.

Truth #2:

So much money advice ignore who we are, our background, our values, and our emotions. That’s why I’m teaching you the methods.

Truth #3:

It’s never too late to build your “investing muscle”.

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ITW Club...A deal club - in our OWN Terms


Our motto : Just be yourself a& start where you are.

WE support each other and grow our wallet together.


Contact us if you want to host the next event.

Your living room, showrooms...or even spas !


We are foodies so we might bring some cheese and cocktails !

We create safe spaces in unusual locations across NYC for women to share their financial journeys

& invest together.

INVESTING is THE difference between “having a great job”

& “having a great future”.

Pimp your wallet stress-free.

We offer workshops in NYC and online.

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You came to the right place

To build wealth stress-free.

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